In the automotive department of our company we manufacture dimensional veneer panels and layons (fixmass). All specific to your automotive needs. This also means we are able to help during the development and production stages to ensure the final product is absolutely perfect.

Eurogroup Belcaire automotive interior veneer on a Mercedes C Class

We understand that in a high-end sector with rigorous requirements for safety and durability, looks alone aren’t enough. All veneers specific for aviation use have been designed to be fire retardant, as well as, withstand the everyday abrasions and knocks that are expected when in a confined space such as an aircraft.

We have worked closely with some of the most prestigious yacht and boating brands from around the world. As a result, we produce perfect veneers for every possible application within the marine industry. Due to our expertise in this area we design and manufacture veneer panels with the harsh and changeable conditions of the nautical world in mind.

With years spent in development and testing, Eurogroup Belcaire’s architectural panels are of the highest quality. Thus, creating a seamless look with minimal visual interuptions and above all else, color consistency throughout. Consequently making them perfect for private and commercial environments.

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