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Natural Veneer Panel - Eurogroup Belcaire
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at eurogroup belcaire we source, manufacture and engineer
the worlds best wood veneer for every conceivable application

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All Of Our Veneer Is Manufactured Within Our Facility

Our team do everything from sourcing the log or building the engineered block through to delivery of the final veneer sheets. 

We specialise in the following high-end markets

We Stock The Wood Veneer That You've Been Looking For!

We currently stock large quantity of the worlds finest wood veneer in our warehouse. Ranging from the most exquisite natural veneer right through to incredibly unique engineered veneer. We have something for every possible application.

All wood veneer is ready to be shipped and used on your next project. Take a look at the veneer we stock, manufacture and develop, feel free to reach out to us for a sample.

If you can’t find what your looking for Let Us Know. We can work with you to design, develop and manufacture the perfect veneer.

A New Service At Eurogroup Belcaire

Give old veneer a new lease of life with our coloring or smoking service

We know what it’s like to have excess stock just sat around the warehouse. Give it a fresh look and expand it’s potential uses.

Dying wood veneer is a great way to make use of old material on new projects. The array of colors are nearly limitless when it comes to dying, if you can concieve the idea, we can make it happen. This is perfect for projects where veneer needs to fit with the surroundings and when color matching plays a huge part in the overall asthetics. 


European Oak; before and after our smoking process


Mappa Burl; before and after our coloring process

Another service we provide is smoking. Smoking wood veneer is ideal for transforming old material into something that looks great and is useable in high-end projects. Our smoking process has been perfected over the years to ensure the very best results are achieved everytime. Smoking veneer enhances the richness of colors and the depth of the contrast to create a high end look.

As every veneer (even of the same species) can vary, we take the time to develop and test the correct process for your particular wood. This means we get the best possible finish with minimum wastage.

Call Our Team Today To Find Out More

Are you a student, industry professional, educational institution or simply need to purchase wood veneer in small amounts?

We understand the importance of sourcing high quality materials at the best possible price, which can be difficult when large minimum orders are in place. That’s why we have teamed with VeneerFactory.com to provide access to our range of wood veneer in pre-made packs. All packs are cleaned, prepped and ready to be used for your next project.

There are numerous options available in a wide variety of species, colors, sizes and cuts; making them ideal for marquetry projects, smaller veneer applications, instrument finishing and so much more. 

Click the button below to see what’s in stock and ready to be shipped.!

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