doing  our  bit  to  help  the  environment

We believe in preserving the earth we live on. That's why we do all we can to have the softest print possible on the environment. In order to do our part we have implemented the use of some extraordinary equipment and technologies in key areas.

Self Sufficient Process

State of the art carbon trapping system

Our engineers have worked for over two years with environment specialists. This was to build a state of the art carbon trapping system for our factories’ smoke residues.

Today, after a huge investment, our Spanish factory has two dual chimney smoke scrubbing systems that trap carbon emissions. Taking us down to a practical 0 mark level. This is used along with multiple water recycling systems to help mitigate our industrial water usage.

Eurogroup Belcaire - Environment

Technologies like this are pretty much unheard of in our industry, especially when we are situated in a country where industrial waste standards for pollution are much lower. We have invested time and money to manufacture this way. Not because we have to, but because it is the correct direction now and for the future.

Eurogroup Belcaire - Environment


Modern factory designed to be eco-friendly

We are one of the most forward thinking factories in the world. All of our waste systems are eco-friendly. We have recently set up two smoke stack scrubbers that emit water vapour while trapping the harmful carbons and ash.

All water systems are working within different recycling systems. The result is a lack of water wastage. In addition, any water disposal is directed into the sewer systems.

We also recycle nearly 100% of waste material.
If you have any questions on the above please forward to;
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Engineering Sustainablity

Our engineers at Eurogroup Belcaire are of the ‘We can build anything’ mentality. As a result, they constantly develop and improve Eurogroup Belcaire as an environmentally sustainbable business. From an idea and a simple plan written on a napkin, we can devise technical drawings and make the vision a reality.

Eurogroup Belcaire - Environment

Engineers working with the most advanced technologies today will sustain our business for tomorrow. 
These technologies create efficiencies in our productions that protect our environment while
creating a competitive business which can extend to future generations

Eurogroup Belcaire - Environment
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