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At Eurogroup Beclaire we believe that the highest quality product combined with excellent customer service is key to success. A personal recommendation from a happy customer is more valuable than potential clients glancing at an advert.

Producing high quality veneer to customer requirements, delivering on time and exceeding expectations, is our way of securing future business.

We understand the importance of filling the needs of our clients. As a result this takes complete priority in our daily tasks at Eurogroup Belcaire.

We are constantly striving to build upon our company culture of people and customers that will be here today, tomorrow and in the future.

Eurogroup Belcaire In The Press

Bentley Magazine – Ingrained Expertise

Published Summer 2011

The company’s 120 workers, of whom a third are craftsmen, spend about three weeks processing each tree trunk from raw lumber to wafer-thin veneers. Much of the Eurogroup system is a closely guarded secret and photography is prohibited in parts of the factory. But Eric is happy to demonstrate how the trunks are first stripped of their bark, shaved clean by aproned woodcutters using rotating saws.

From there, the naked logs are turned on giant lathes, where sheathes of wood are split apart. At the end of the clipping line after further confidential treatments woods that arrived as container tonnage emerge flat, pliable and sold by the metre.

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National Geographic – Megafactories

Published Summer 2011

Megafactories lifts the lid on how millions of your everyday products and iconic designs begin life on the assembly line.

From bottles of beer to the latest video games to souped-up supercars. Follow every cog and conveyor belt of these fascinating production processes as you enter some of the planet’s most impressive factories.

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London Farnborough World Expo

Published Winter 2010

Chief pilots, operations directors, scheduling directors, CEOs and managing directors from leading executive jet and private operators as well as brokers can expect to see numerous exhibits from leading business aviation hubs and destinations from all corners of the globe – Business Airport World Expo 2013 is a truly international event.

We look forward to meeting Aircraft interior designers from around the world and to discuss our exciting wood technologies.

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FSC® Self Decleration
Contact our sales team to find out about our FSC® certified material

Strategic Partners

Veneer Factory

Our newest partnership is with Veneer Factory. We had a joint vision of opening the doors to world class veneers for wood working professionals, students and hobbyists, just to name a few. They offer veneer in small, affordable packs; perfect for marquetry, inlay,  instrument finishing and any other small veneer application. 

Bejali Wood Logo

Bejali Wood

Bejali Wood, based in China, is a leading supplier of world class veneers in the Asian market. This is the go to place for many car manufacturers in that region as they know quality comes first at Bejali Wood. 

The Burl Yard

One of our longest standing partnerships is with The Burl Yard in California. This is the source of the majority of our exquisite Walnut Burls and the starting point for some of the worlds most sought after veneer. 

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